Why Wentworth?

Universities make a lot of promises but at the end of four years what do they really deliver? At Wentworth, we offer the educational programs for which there is a strong labor market demand that enables us to produce graduates who consistently bring extraordinary value to their organizations and to the world. We walk the talk with hands-on learning, required cooperative education experiences and caring faculty. Read on to discover our promise to you and our strategy to make these promises a reality.

So what makes Wentworth quite special is that mix of hands-on learning, the professionalism that we imbue in every one of our students, and an environment like none other both on campus, but throughout Boston, and the region.

I am happy that I've chosen Wentworth because of the multiple opportunities that it has brought me. I have gotten to know many of my professors and they have already offered me multiple co-op opportunities. Along with all the friends that I've made so far.

The average class size is 19, and that small class size is extremely important for the students development. They have a sense of confidence, and a sense of faculty really caring for them that will make a big difference in their success as they move forward in the world.

What sets Wentworth apart is not only the place, but it's diverse in their backgrounds diverse in their interests.

Wentworth is nationally ranked in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Princeton Review, and more.

We are right in the heart of Boston. So there's Fenway Park, and the MFA, the Stewart Gardner Museum. So there's always something to do, therefore, you're never really bored on campus.

You name the industry, our students are going to be in high demand.

Wentworth is an incubator for success. Our graduates grow during their time with us. A recent study points out that Wentworth graduates are going to industries that are growing by over 60% over the national average. Opportunities abound, and Wentworth helps get you there.