Our labs and studio spaces are places of common inspiration for our students.  The Wentworth culture of learning and problem solving centers around our students’ ability to collaborate, innovate, and create with cutting edge tools they need to further their education. 

We have over 60 labs, studios, and makerspaces on campus for students to engage with across all the different disciplines. The design studios are really where the students spend a lot of their time. And it's an environment that fosters collaboration, it's an opportunity for the students to interact with the faculty, and with each other to make sure that their ideas are developed, and that they can solve the problems in a complete way.

At Wentworth we're very grateful to have state of the art equipment in all of our laboratories. And also, of course, all the consumables that are associated with running the labs, and testing, and the project based learning that students are doing.

In the industrial design program, our students have access to rapid prototyping technology, 3D scanning technology, and that's just within our own discipline. Outside of that, though, we also have a fantastic additive lab here on campus. And so a lot of the same technology is available, and then some. At Wentworth Institute of Technology, we have some of the most cutting edge rapid prototyping technology that's available right now. And the students have access to it all the time.

So at Wentworth we have majority of our courses that have lecture and lab content. So you will see in our RLC, or recitation lab, until number of credits of the course that majority of your engineering courses are going to have lab components associated with your course.

So design is all about problem solving, and having a different perspective and being able to bring that unique experience to the table allows you to solve a problem in a different way. So our students who come from all different backgrounds and have worked in different professions prior to coming here, or have parents that work in different areas, all attack a problem in a different way. And so we try to foster that kind of communication and discussion within the studio spaces to try and solve each other's problems and help each other find solutions.