With over 300 student-athletes across 18 NCAA Division III teams, the athletics community at Wentworth is passionately committed to diversity and inclusion. We believe the best teams are built on mutual respect for your fellow athletes, competitors, and teammates, making us all stronger as one. It’s an attitude that permeates throughout campus, has helped us collect 25 conference championships, and inspire us to compete alongside the best of NCAA Division III athletics.

I think the student that we recruit to and that is drawn to Wentworth is sort of unique. They're very committed to their sport, to their academics, and certainly to their career goals.

Wentworth really likes to focus on academics for students, and they want our students to succeed. But also at the same time, they want our students to have fun and enjoy being here on campus. So they do offer a lot of events after class and in the evenings. And they also do offer a lot of programs for students to get the help that they need in class.

We are a member of Division III, which has about 446 members. The largest division in the NCAA. Division III really takes a holistic approach where students are able to engage in all sorts of activities and organizations on campus, including their sport and their field of study.

A Division III is great for track and field and cross country specifically. I feel like there's a lot of competitive nature in Division III athletics, but you also get the camaraderie.

Definitely one of the benefits of competing in Division III is being able to still play the sport that I love through college and pursuing a career that I want at the same time.

We sponsor 18 varsity sports at Wentworth. 12 men's sports and 6 women's sports.

So being a student athlete on campus really does give students a lot of time management skills in juggling practice and school. The teachers are really accommodating to that as well.

Our coaches are very committed to personal growth and development first and foremost, although they are competitive people, but they are there all the time for our student athletes.

The athletes who are here want to be here and are focused on being the best athletes and the best students they can possibly be.