Life After Graduation

The value of an education has never been more important, and the need for problem solvers has never been more imminent. As the 21st-century workforce continues to evolve, so do we. And our supportive, collaborative, close-knit community provides the ideal environment in which to shape your dreams for personal and professional success.  

The Wentworth alumni network is made up of over 38,000 alumni from when our school first started back in the early 1900s all the way up until now in 2020.

One interesting fact about Wentworth is that the starting salary after graduation is $64,000 a year.

There's a lot of campus resources that are available to alumni that they have as students. So one of the best ones is access to WitWorks, which is the school's job posting platform. Alumni have access to that platform for life now. So if you're an alum looking for a job, if you're one year out, you have access to that platform. If you're 20 years out, you still have access to that platform.

Some of the reasons I'm glad that I attended Wentworth is because I made some of my best friends while attending school here. But it also gave me the work experience that many employers are looking for once you go out into the field. And I got such a different experience between both my co-ops.

Wentworth alumni do a fantastic job of hiring Wentworth students for co-ops, no matter what industry they're in. We have alumni that come back to campus for career fairs, so just to hire students to work for their companies because they know the impact that the co-op program has on the student experience and translates well into alumni professional experience once they graduate.

Now that I've graduated, I realized how beneficial it was to have two co-op semesters, and I now have a full time job in my field of study. As an alumni, I still connect with all the same people that I went to school with during my four years and I still come back to campus to come visit some of my friends and some of the faculty that made an impact on me while I was here.