The Wentworth campus has a truly special place in our hearts. Not because of the buildings or labs, but because of the student energy that permeates every square inch of it.  It’s a collaborative, diverse, and inclusive student experience unlike any other.

We have a very welcoming community here at Wentworth. I really got a chance to meet all these incredible students that come from all over the world just to study here at Wentworth, and I think that kind of makes me feel like I've made a good choice.

The size of the school is pretty close-knit. Having that intimate community of smaller groups of people really benefits you in classes because your class size is very small, so you really get to know everyone that you're working with, as well as your professors really well.

So my first year I lived in Baker Hall, which is a traditional dorm building. I really loved it. Just because the whole floor became like a really close-knit family. Everyone is so friendly and you get to know so many people.

Wentworth offers over 70 clubs for students to participate in. And if for some reason, none of those are for you, you can always start your own club. And I think being involved in campus has been the best thing for students like me and anyone I talk to about involvement, they're really glad they did it because you just meet so many more people.

Having that international student body is really nice on campus just because they bring their own different culture, their own perspective on campus, and that way we can add more things to campus and kind of make it a better place for not just them but for everybody.