Wentworth sits on the boundaries of several historic and diverse neighborhoods--Mission Hill, Roxbury, Fenway--in Boston. These neighborhoods are rich with opportunities for students to learn and grow. Boston is an incubator for innovation, and we’re conveniently located in the center of it all.  Our city has grown into one of the most vital, technologically advanced hotspots in the world.  It could inspire you as much as it does us. 

So Boston is a great city and it's a fun city. It's big enough so there's tons of things going on all the time. So if you're a sports fanatic, you have all these world class teams here. If you're into the arts, you have great music going on in a number of different large and small venues. If you're into theater, there's a wonderful theater in town. We have some of the world's most prestigious hospitals here. We have the most prestigious academic centers here.

I think going to school in a major city is just huge in terms of opportunity of meeting new people, going out and seeing things, and our office offers a lot of different opportunities to go see museums and go see baseball games and go see hockey games and just do all those things. And you can definitely get your full campus experience wherever you go, but getting a city experience while you're also going to school is just really beneficial and really exciting for students here.

Wentworth is really in the heart of Boston in this great location because we sit next to these wonderful diverse communities, and we're really not too far from the city so you can just walk into the subway.

Wentworth's specific location I think is ideal. It feels like it's really in the center of everything without being fully downtown in Boston.

So our students are in high demand in companies and nonprofits everywhere. It could be Apple. It could be Lincoln Labs. It could be Gil Bain, Shawmut Construction, Wayfair, Mass General Hospital. You name the industry, our students are going to be in high demand.