At Wentworth, you’ll find a degree that is designed for your success. Get ready for a challenging and rewarding educational journey. You will graduate in high demand for your expertise and ready to make a big difference in your career and community. We offer undergraduate degrees through five distinct Schools: School of Architecture & Design, School of Computing & Data Science, School of Engineering, School of Management, and the School of Sciences & Humanities.

At Wentworth, we have many bachelor's undergraduate degrees. A lot of the faculty members have experience in industry. We bring in a lot of those projects from industry, and they get to apply the theory that they're learning in the classroom to these real world projects where they can see why they're learning what they're learning ,how it's going to impact society and humanity, and why it's important to cover these topics at the lecture level, lab level, as well as, at the project level.

Wentworth has a great system of putting all the theory into work. What you learn in class, just apply it in lab or any other classes that you need. For example, like physics, you go into lab physics, you just apply what you learn. That gives a great experience for college.

Collaboration is an incredibly important aspect of design. And in many other professions that we train our students on here. The students have opportunities to collaborate at many different turns. And it's something that we not only pride ourselves on, but we try to instill within the students to, you know, seek out and learn the language of other professions so that when you get out of here, you can have those dialogues and create those opportunities more efficiently and more successfully.

Small classroom sizes benefit the relationship between faculty and students because it allows students to have that one-on-one experience with their faculty members, building relationships, and the mentorship. And this brings a lot of value to everyone who is part of our community.

Co-ops at Wentworth is unlike any other program in that we require our students to do two full semester length co-ops before they graduate. So all students graduate with at least eight months of co-op experience, but they can actually graduate with up to a year. So we even allow them to do an optional co-op, and that sets them up for tremendous success when they leave the Institution.