Our graduate programs are designed for motivated, ambitious professionals and are offered through all our schools. Wentworth offers many 4+1 programs (online, in-person, or hybrid) to allow undergraduates to transition smoothly into a Master’s program that can be completed in as little as a year, saving time and money. 

We also offer pathways to prepare prospective graduate students for study in one of out STEM fields, regardless of undergraduate major.    

Wentworth's grad program is truly unique, and it's got something for everybody. The reason I say that is, we are multimodal. So we have face to face programs, we have 100% online programs, and we have hybrid programs. We also have part-time programs and full-time programs. And within the part time offerings, you can choose to take 1 course at a time or 2 courses at a time. Whereas in the full time program, you can get a full time program that is maybe three classes a semester to extremely accelerated programs, where you can get your graduate degree in 2 semesters or 1 year after you complete your undergrad.

So what is the 4+1 program? We call it the accelerated Master's. So an accelerated Master's basically means that you get admitted into the program when you're a junior in your undergraduate program. And then you take a couple of classes in your senior year. And you're able to transfer those credits into your grad program. And then you have 24 credits that you take in your 2 semesters, which is 12 credits and 12 credits. And next thing you know, you've got a Master's degree in five years.

We have a lot of scaffolding. We offer a lot of classes that students can take before they start their graduate program. So say it is February and somebody comes to us and tells us, "Hey, I'm really interested in starting a grad program in September". We use all that time in between. So if you look at it, we can have them take 3 7 week classes by the time the fall semester starts, which can truly prepare somebody whether it's a math prerequisite, whether it's a science prerequisite, and it's our faculty and staff who are working tirelessly with our students and working behind the scenes to get them ready for their futures.