At Wentworth, you'll enjoy small college comforts and big city excitement. Our 31-acre campus in the heart of Boston boasts a tree-lined quad, modern and traditional residence halls, and diverse campus amenities such as a dining hall, bookstore, convenience store, the rich resources of the Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons, computer center, a 24-hour Department of Public Safety, and numerous social activities.

Actually what I like about living on campus is that everything is just so close. So you have the opportunity to use all the equipment, be really involved on campus

Your first year you have two different options. You can live in like suite style living, or you can do like the traditional double with long hallways and common room.

Transportation is super easy at Wentworth. You can either take the Ts, take the commuter rail. If you want to go back home on the weekends, you can Uber. our campus itself is super close. If you walk from one end of campus to the other, it's like a seven minute walk. But the Res halls are all pretty close to each other. I'd say they're, you know, right next to each other basically. But yeah, it's really convenient for students.

Once you become a sophomore, you're considered an upperclass student. So your dorm has a kitchen and all the facilities and you can actually cook in your dorm, which is pretty nice.

Students are guaranteed housing all four years that they're here. I've been here for three years on campus, and I've loved every year of it. So you have the option to have one roommate or nine like I did freshman year. It was me and nine other girls and I just made nine best friends right off the bat, just by living together.